Rebecca Landesman
May 2020

Satisfy all of your Midwest cravings at these vintage Missouri eateries that have stood the test of time. From serving crispy catfish to fruity soft-serve, these legendary joints are just some of Springfield’s generations-old culinary treasures where you can get a taste of tradition.

Pineapple Whip

This ice-cream shop and its eponymous frozen, non-dairy dessert has been perfected — and beloved — for three generations. Customers queue up at the three locations across Springfield to get their fix of the tropical soft serve. Six years ago, an experimental “whip solstice” had patrons lining up for a whip fix in the middle of winter and this has since become a Springfield tradition.


Crosstown Barbecue

Crosstown Barbecue celebrated 50 years of smoked beef brisket and barbecue sandwiches this year — staples that have had locals coming back to the family-owned business for decades. Stop by for a lunch plate and you’ll likely see owner Steve Williams exchanging stories with customers. The original smoker is still fully operational.



Casper’s has been serving its iconic hearty chili for more than a century. Dive into a sinful chocolate malt shake, classic cheeseburger, or chili cheese fries made three ways as you sit in the legendary Quonset hut decked out in colorful tchotchkes and funky memorabilia.


Pappy’s Place

Springfield’s oldest restaurant recently changed owners, but the magic of Pappy’s Place — and the coldest beer in town — lives on. The restaurant was the first in Springfield to obtain a post-Prohibition liquor license in 1933, so crack open a cold one and revel in the old-school charm.


Lindberg’s Tavern

Springfield’s oldest watering hole is steeped in tradition. An antique Brunswick bar back — a 22ft single piece of oak more than a century old — is the highlight of the tavern, though nobody quite knows how it got there. The dimly lit joint, a popular weekend spot for solid cocktails and great live music, opened in 1870 and is still carousing.


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