May 2020

Known as the shopping capital of Mexico due to the sheer size and variety of its markets, Guadalajara is the place to search for every unique handicraft you can think of. Below are a few markets to stroll into and experience the city’s culture while finding that perfect gift.  

Mercado Santa Tere

Located in the Santa Teresita neighborhood, this market’s emphasis is on food. Because it’s outside the Zona Centro, this mercado is rather budget-friendly. It’s a great place to stop for a traditional breakfast—perhaps a deep-fried quesadilla?


Mercado Libertad

The largest enclosed market in Mexico, Mercado Libertad features three themed floors and more than 2,800 vendors. The bottom floor is devoted to fresh produce and local ingredients, the middle floor features an array of small restaurants, and the top floor is home to vendors selling handmade items such as masks, blankets, and bowls.


Galería del Calzado

Guadalajara is known for its shoemakers, so it’s no surprise that the city has a mall dedicated entirely to footwear. Whether it’s a new set of heels or custom leather loafers, each of the 60 stores on-site offers a wide selection of styles to choose from.


Magno Centro Joyero

With four levels and more than 700 stores, Magno Centro Joyero is the largest jewelry marketplace in Latin America. You’ll find costume jewelry, stones, watches and more here, so pick up a special gift for that special someone—even if it’s yourself.


Tianguis Cultural, Chapultepec

Avenida Chapultepec is not only a nightlife hub but also the home of a thriving street market, or tianguis, that takes place on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Stalls sell everything from handwoven bags to used books. The market gets crowded due to its prime location, there’s no shortage of entertainment, such as music and dancing, in addition to the shopping.



This small town 20 minutes from downtown Guadalajara, whose name translates to “hills of clay,” is home to some of the best handicrafts in Mexico. Pedestrian-only street Independencia is home to many brick-and-mortar stores, as well as a ceramics museum.


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