Jess Swanson, Senior Editor
Jess Swanson, Senior Editor
May 2020

New Mexicans seem to prefer their breakfast packaged in a warm tortilla, making it easy to eat on the go. Regardless of the fixings inside, an Albuquerque breakfast burrito almost always comes with red or green chile. And even if you’re not a morning person, locals maintain that there’s no wrong time to eat a breakfast burrito. Here are the seven best eateries in Albuquerque for breakfast burritos.

The Grove Cafe & Market

This trendy cafe in East Downtown is a favorite for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Its breakfast burrito is stuffed with scrambled eggs, local sausage, goat cheese, green chile, and roasted jalapeno salsa. The carb-conscious can also order it omelet-style, without the tortilla.



Boasting a “full belly tradition since ’91”, this restaurant chain prides itself on its generous New Mexican comfort food portions that seem to challenge the capacity of the human stomach. The breakfast burritos here are warm bounties of scrambled eggs smothered in chile and cheddar and jack cheeses, with hash browns on the side. You can add on classic meat options like ham, bacon, and sausage, or go for fiery carne adovada.



With 12 breakfast burritos on its menu, Twisters seems intent on pleasing every palate. Some of the burritos are named after different regions in New Mexico, and the Albuquerque is (obviously) a classic, served with sausage, eggs, potatoes, red chile, and cheese. Don’t be alarmed if you experience deja vu while eating at the Twisters on Isleta Boulevard – it’s the filming location for Los Pollos Hermanos in “Breaking Bad.”


Duran Central Pharmacy

Opened in 1942, Duran Central Pharmacy is one of the oldest establishments in Albuquerque and, unusually enough, has a restaurant on site. The original owner, Pete Duran, sold the business to one of his staff pharmacists in 1965, and that pharmacist’s daughter continues the legacy today. The breakfast burrito is no-frills but hearty, made with eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon or ham, and red or green chile.


El Pinto

Most would be surprised to learn that El Pinto – which sits on a 12-acre property and can seat more than 1,200 diners – got its start as a one-room restaurant in 1962. Its breakfast burrito is a flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheddar, hickory smoked bacon, and red or green chile. The eggs come from the 240 or so hens who roam the pasture behind the restaurant.


Baca Boys Cafe

This downtown cafe is known for whipping up fresh New Mexican and American cuisine. The breakfast burrito is – unsurprisingly – one of the most popular items on the menu. Besides the standard scrambled eggs and red or green chile, it comes with potatoes, beans, and your choice of carne adovada, bacon, sausage, or ham. Baca Boys has a purely “handheld” version available too, for those who haven’t quite perfected the art of eating a breakfast burrito neatly on the go.


Garcia’s Kitchen

Garcia’s Kitchen has been proudly serving fresh, handmade New Mexican cuisine since 1975, and its signature colorful decor makes any Garcia’s branch a vibrant setting for a meal. The menus declare “breakfast anytime”, so you’d be remiss not to try the breakfast burrito here. What makes it a little different is that you can opt to have the burrito smothered in chile and cheese, instead of having them wrapped inside the tortilla.


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