Stacey Lastoe
May 2021

Spa-goers have come to expect a hot cup of herbal tea or citrus-infused water with their treatments. A new Denver facility, however, is not only offering craft brews, but also steeps its guests in beer-filled baths.

“We wouldn’t suggest tasting the bathwater after you and/or your partner has been soaking in it,” says Beer Spa co-owner Jessica French.

Along with craft brews (including at least two gluten-free options), hard cider, kombucha, hot and cold nonalcoholic beverages and two kinds of wine, The Beer Spa By Snug, also offers beer-soaked treatments.  

Courtesy of The Beer Spa

Damien Zouaoui and French, both 30, opened The Beer Spa shortly after completing a whirlwind 25-countries-in-14-months trip around the world. Inspired by a beer spa in Poland, the husband and wife team, former New Yorkers, briefly considered Portland and San Diego before settling on Denver.

The hour-long beer hydrotherapy treatment ($89) starts with guests choosing a beverage. Rotating taps of beer from a different local brewery each month are available for on-site consumption (with or without a spa service). After a 20-minute infrared sauna session, said to penetrate the core body for more efficient detoxification, it’s time for a cold shower. Then a “beer therapist” prepares a bath in a cedar hot tub with a giant tea satchel, containing hops, barley and fenugreek for guests. The nutrients from the barley are said to hydrate hair and skin, while hops’ sedative properties help people unwind.

While fenugreek is the herb being used currently, it’s likely to be replaced by something else in the spring and summer, perhaps a citrus blend or peppermint. Zouaoui and French will be working with an herb master to determine the best herbs with wellness properties.

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