Oct 2020

Margo Price was Grammy-nominated for Best New Artist in 2019. Her album That’s How Rumors Get Started was released this summer.

Credit: @missmargoprice

Let there be flight
We stayed right on the beach in Tulum and snorkeled and explored the cenotes. My husband and I really got into sotol—it’s become my favorite agave-based liquor. We visited the Mayan ruins and stumbled upon some local performers called voladores. It was surreal seeing these men tether themselves to a tall poll with a single rope tied around their ankle and jump on and off and spin in the air!

Not lost in translation
A few years ago, I took a trip to the Basque Country in Spain to perform in some street music festivals. Since my keyboard player is from there we also explored and immersed ourselves in the culture. The whole time I ate jamón and paella. No one spoke English, so I got to use a bit of the Spanish I know, even though everyone was speaking Basque. I did learn a couple of phrases like gabon (which means goodnight).

Credit: @missmargoprice

Roman holiday
While I was on tour in London, I had a day off and snuck away to the Roman baths in Bath. I took a train all by myself. I ordered a cider, sat at a little table on the train and wrote in my notebook the whole way. It was so romantic. The town felt like stepping into a time machine and visiting an ancient Roman city. I walked around so much that my feet ended up hurting, so I popped into the baths one last time before getting on a train—and back to reality.

I was so pregnant with my daughter last year that I almost wasn’t let on a cruise to the Bahamas! We were really excited to explore all the spots like the Pirates of Nassau museum. My son came home with a wooden sword. What little kid doesn’t want to grow up to be a pirate? I still do.

Credit: @missmargoprice

Getting sea legs
My husband and I went on our first-ever cruise to Cozumel in 2018. The trip was a mix of work and pleasure since I was playing on the Cayamo lineup that year, but I was very excited since I had never been anywhere tropical before. We lovingly referred to the cruise as “party prison” because every day the staff replaced all the empty champagne and tequila bottles with new ones. We even went Jet Skiing and I made my husband get on while I drove. I accidentally threw him off the back and into the ocean!

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