Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner
May 2020

Raleigh/Durham’s college town surroundings foster a vibrant craft beer scene. Local ingredients are easy to source from North Carolina’s robust agricultural sector, resulting in refreshing beers that are the ideal antidote to the region’s hot summer days. With so many breweries to choose from in the area, there’s something on tap for everyone. Here are some of the breweries you should check out on your next visit.

Brewery Bhavana

Like many breweries in the area, Brewery Bhavana started as a homebrewer’s passion project and evolved into a multifaceted restaurant, bar and shop that attracts imbibers from all corners of the world. Along with ten signature beers and dozens of ever-changing taps, the brewery also serves cocktails, homemade dim sum and hearty Chinese entrees, vends fresh flowers, carefully curated books and more.


Mason Jar Lager Co

A proudly Southern establishment that serves ice-cold, easy-to-drink beers out of Mason jars, this brewery is all about having fun, y’all. Southern hospitality is at the heart of the tavern-style taproom, where weekly events (including a running club to boost your thirst) as well as visiting food trucks always guarantee a memorable night out.


Bond Brothers Beer Company

A brewery for true beer nerds, Bond Brothers offers complex, unique and one-of-a-kind beers to sip until the keg is kicked. Fourteen unique beers are served on tap in addition to a barrel sour. The brewery hosts monthly guided brewery tours, and enthusiastically welcomes kids and dogs. 


Trophy Brewing Co.

This brewery, taproom and bottle shop makes everyone feel like a winner. An outdoor patio offers excellent views of the brewery, and the process of fermenting the 12 types of beer and rotating cask that will be on tap. Two spin-offs, Tap + Table and Tap + Pizza pair Trophy’s brews with southern food and specialty pizzas. 


Raleigh Brewing 

Known for serving 32 beers, seven days a week, Raleigh Brewing is a liquid love letter to its namesake city. Special seasonal releases are timed with holidays or local sports events. Homebrewers can also get in on the action with a special supply shop, conceived by owner Kristie Nystedt, the first woman to own a brewery in the state of North Carolina.


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