Allegra Hanlon
May 2020

There’s no doubt that Huatulco is best known for its glorious beaches. From the ports of Santa Cruz to pristine Playa Cacaluta, there is a strip of sand here for every kind of beachgoer.

Maguey Beach

Quieter than most of the other car-accessible beaches, Maguey still offers access to jet skis and banana boats, as well as numerous restaurants for when you get hungry.

La Entrega Beach

This is the most family-friendly beach in the area, and also feels the most touristy, with the quantity of tour buses, taxis and restaurants giving it a bit of a theme-park vibe.

Conejos Beach

Visitors to this small, isolated spot on Conejos Bay are likely to have the sand mostly to themselves. There are no jet skis or entertainment—just a rugged shoreline where you can quietly enjoy life, the universe, and everything.

Tangolunda Beach

Like Conejos Beach, Tangolunda is isolated; unlike at Conejos there are tourist-friendly amenities, such as jet ski rentals and masseuses offering treatments along the shore.

Santa Cruz Beach

Home to Huatulco’s marina, this is the place to hop on a boat tour of the bays. Or, if you’re not feeling like getting out on the water, stroll down the beach and choose from a variety of restaurants for fresh seafood and cold beer.

Chahué Beach

If you’re looking to hit happy hour after sunbathing, a leisurely 20-minute stroll along the pedestrian walkway on Boulevard Chahué will take you to the heart of La Crucecita, a picturesque town that serves as Huatulco’s cultural hub.

San Agustin Beach

This is the ideal spot for divers, thanks to the bay’s gentle waves and clear water. There are also a few restaurants along the beach that offer bathroom and shower facilities.

Cacaluta Beach

Because of Cacaluta Beach’s proximity to Laguna el Zanate, you’ll see lots of birds. The water is full of tropical fish and stingrays, and if you’re lucky you might spot sea turtles.

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