Dec 2020

In the United States, there are many among us whose jobs require plenty of shuttling between cities. If that sounds like you, you’re probably well aware of the CDC’s recommendations for travel, such as checking travel restrictions and as well as wearing a face mask at all times.

When choosing which mask to travel with, it’s important to pick one that will deliver maximum protection as well as maximum comfort. Singapore-based startup Ultramasx Technologies aims to disrupt the nascent face mask industry with its revolutionary technology. Founded in 2019 by banker-turned-entrepreneur Ivan Simetovic, the company’s flagship product, UltraOne, is one of the most technologically advanced ventilated mask out there and is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Here are four reasons to include the UltraOne in your travel kit:

Top-notch protection

Travel with a peace of mind knowing that UltraOne’s proprietary UltraFilters capture over 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 micrometers or PM0.3 as a N100/KN100/FFP3 mask. This is down to its four-layer structure, comprising sterilising paper, ultra-fine activated carbon, a HEPA grade 12 filter membrane and a waterproof, non-woven layer. Its newest model also has an exhaust filter that protects those around you from the air you breathe out. This advanced filtration structure makes UltraOne your trusty companion for long-haul flights as well as daily wear on busy subways and in polluted cities.

Revolutionary technology

The UltraOne complements its fortress-like filtration with its one-of-a-kind electric ventilation system. Its mask body contains an active, two-speed turbofan that pushes 6.9 cubic metres of purified air per hour, giving your mask a steady airflow and making it your personal air-purifying device. This nifty feature ensures you can keep your mask on even when you’re working out – or running to make your flight – or simply experiencing a humid day. 

Impeccable user comfort

If you’re going to be wearing your mask for long hours on the plane, you’re going to want to ensure it is super comfortable – no more sweating behind your mask or the much-dreaded “maskne”. UltraOne comes outfitted with a medical-silicone face seal that adheres to the contours of your face, making it safer and much more comfortable. You can also converse normally, in person or over the phone, with the mask on, and it won't fog up your glasses.

Durable and sustainable construction

As an added bonus, the UltraOne lasts for years (no more trashing of single-use masks or washing cloth ones). Its turbofan is USB rechargeable, with each 2.5-hour charge lasting four to six hours. The UltraOne also comes with two UltraFilter cartridges, each lasting up to 30 days, and additional filters are available for purchase.  

To learn more about Ultramasx Technologies or to purchase an UltraOne mask, please visit the official website.

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