Oct 2020

People are always asking me about how to maintain emotional energy—how to fuel one’s momentum and drive as if it were a power surge that helps you get things done. As the end of the year approaches, and the holidays draw near, it seems our individual emotional energy is more at risk of waning.

So what are some ways to refill your energy tank? One is to tap into your inner child. When we look back at our childhood, it seems we always had an infinite reservoir of energy. Did you ever hear a teacher walk into a classroom and ask the kids to pump up the volume? Children have so much energy, the struggle is always about calming them down. I remember my elementary school teacher often left the classroom to briefly speak with another teacher in the hallway; meanwhile, our classroom chatter rose to a roar. She would have to open the door, peek in and say: “Shhhh!” 

Tim Storey

Sometimes I purposely watch cartoons or old sitcoms because it reminds me of a simpler time in my life. Recently, I gave an assignment to a gentleman I coach to watch three episodes of I Love Lucy. He was skeptical but agreed to watch the shows. About two days later he texted me that it was working; he was feeling reenergized. When we chatted, he admitted that watching the shows took him back to a place of childhood innocence when life wasn’t so complicated—and it helped him refuel.

Another way to replenish your energy is to tap into a familiar and secure connection. The other day I called my mom and told her I was going to swing by her house. She said my sister and her husband happened to be there.
I hadn’t seen my sister in two months, so it was nice to physically see her, spend time together and share old stories as well as new ones about things we were going through. At the end of this impromptu get-together, I decided to lead a little prayer of thankfulness. “Timmy, that felt good,” my sister said afterward. When I drove away from my mother’s house, I couldn’t help but notice that my energy tank had been refilled.

In a society where you can order whatever you need to your doorstep, you should instead challenge yourself to deliver on a promise that makes others feel better—even if you’re still looking to refill your own energy. It will provide you with a feeling of purpose and bring hope and expectations to others. So, during this holiday season, when you see an amazon or ups truck making special deliveries, remember to also deliver a message of compassion, hope, faith and love to energize others.

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