Rafting in Futaleufú River

The brilliant blue Futaleufú River is a must-do for experienced whitewater rafters, who travel from all over the world to brave its legendary rapids. This is the site of the annual Futaleufú XL outdoor fest and competition, which gathers the world’s top rafters and serves as a qualifier for the Grand Prix. For those who simply want to soak in the scenery of this river flanked by the Andes, there are also plenty of slow waters, ideal for family outings.

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Wine tasting in Colchagua Valley

The central Colchagua Valley is home to Chile’s most iconic and oldest vineyards, and you have no doubt sipped many of the labels which call this fertile land home. Lapostolle’s architecturally stunning Clos Apalta winery, perched in the Apalta hills, descends six floors down, replicating the gravitational production of their iconic Clos Apalta wine. Take the one-hour tour and choose from various tastings.

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Minga in Chiloé

Minga is the heartwarming tradition of bringing together friends and neighbors to help in a common task. In the southern island of Chiloé, the term acquires a very distinct dimension and is applied to moving entire houses, from foundation to furniture. Everyone chips in, and at the end of the day, they celebrate eating a hearty feast of typical curanto, a dish made with fish, meat, vegetables and potatoes.

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  • La Piojera

    Not only is La Piojera one of Santiago’s most beloved dive bars, but it’s also the city's oldest.

  • Sarita Colonia

    Sarita Colonia has become famous throughout Santiago for its fusion of Peruvian and Asian cuisine.

  • Parque Metropolitano de Santiago

    Think of it as Santiago’s Central Park—if Central Park was draped across a lofty hill.

  • Maipo Canyon

    Maipo Canyon has it all: glacial hikes, river rafting and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Boragó

    The focus of the 16-course Endémica tasting menu is on underutilized endemic ingredients.