Chris Wright

London has never been a dull town—the city had a pretty good theater scene in the Elizabethan era, and then there was the Swinging Sixties. Now, though, things are almost getting out of hand. From the spruced-up wharves along the riverfront to the hipster haunts of Shoreditch, this ancient city is undergoing a frenzy of revival and reinvention. History and tradition are still going strong, but there is also a sense that a new chapter is being written. You only need to take a look at the skyline to grasp how profound the changes are—the high-concept towers springing up everywhere are part of a transformation unseen since the days of Christopher Wren. Meanwhile, visitors can take their pick among London’s ever-expanding array of restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. Below are just some of the city’s highlights. For more hotspots, don't forget to visit the local sites that our five notable locals frequent in town.