Mara Altman

Located on California’s southern tip and abutting the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is a city filled with otherworldly flora, breathtaking shoreline and a vibrant cultural influence thanks to Mexico, which is just 30 minutes south. Add to that a heap of chill vibes and a lot of sunshine and you have the perfect getaway. With a downtown offering the bustle and nightlife of any frat guy’s dreams, top-notch museums for kids and adults alike, premier attractions like The San Diego Zoo and Legoland as well as a myriad of outdoor sports – hiking, paragliding, surfing, among much more – for the adventurous among us, there is something here for everyone. The food, as if there weren’t already enough reason to visit, is also delish. There are a lot of highlights below, but be sure to also check out where our five notable San Diegans go when asked to show us their favorite spots.