Up and Away

Girls’ trip is back! Karina Monroy, Ivette Bayze and Meghan Angulo fly from Tucson to San Francisco.

Rochelle and Andre Noel flying from Charlotte to New York City to visit their daughters

Daniel Hay with his diabetic alert dog, Pepper on one of their many flights.

Brandi and Dan Givens flying from San Francisco to Miami

Retired U.S. Army Aviation First Sergeant Anthony Johnson flies from Washington, D.C., to Miami for his first trip since being fully vaccinated

Baby Hank Freeman’s first flight from Fort Lauderdale to Reno as part of his family’s move out west

Martine Robinson heads to Cancún from Philadelphia

Angie Arrona reaches Million Miler status on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Salt Lake City

Rachel Arnold, an American Airlines employee based out of LaGuardia Airport in New York City

Dawn Michelle Foster, flying from Knoxville to Los Angeles, reads about her hometown of Louisville

Tamine Chagerben, flying from Tulsa to Chicago, has a little fun when deplaning: “Excited to be back in the skies.”

Joe Massimilla with a stylish mask featuring The Beatles

Melanie Lewis enjoying the April issue on her way from Chicago to Sarasota. 

Victor Batista and his wife Alicia Luna on a recent flight.

Courtney and Darren Dàvid from Lake Charles, Louisiana, spending their 10 year wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. “There was lots of layover time in Dallas due to the weather, so we were thankful to have American Way to entertain us.” 

Mark Boyle and Todd Marrs enjoy the May issue of American Way on a recent flight.

Uma Balasubramanian and her husband Venkatraman Balasubramanian on a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia from Charlotte.

Dr. Curt Hamann brought his copy of American Way with him as he headed out for a day of fishing from Marina Puerto Escondido, just 15 minutes from the Loreto airport.

Leslie Dominguez, a gate agent from LaGuardia Airport, is on her way to Ecuador.

Best friends Lauren Tien and Jayme Trevino on a recent trip.

Simbi Acharya enjoys a recent flight from O’Hare International Airport to LaGuardia Airport. “Prior to COVID, I was on an American Airlines flight almost every week, so it felt good to slowly get back into the groove."

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